SMC distribution pillar boxes




Standard design made as per the electrical requirements to suit conventional power distribution systems consisting of protection devices and metering, and also as per the clients’ requirements.

  • Mini pillars
  • 2 way feeder pillar boxes
  • 4 way feeder pillar boxes
  • 6 way feeder pillar boxes
  • 8 way feeder pillar boxes

The above configurations are available with electrical circuitry consisting of bus bar works and protection devices such as rewirable kit-kats, HRC fuses, 1 p/3p MCCB, and switch disconnector/switch fuse disconnector etc., to suit the clients’ requirements.
Note: Other sizes/ratings and configurations are available on request.


  • Fabricated by combining SMC and pultruded FRP sections
  • Maintenance-free
  • Rustproof and shockproof
  • Withstands coastal/ polluted atmosphere, solar radiation and heavy rains
  • Safe for humans as well cattle due to insulated body

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